several sophisticated MKO units were trained by Iraq's Estekhbarat (former secret service) and were deployed to Iran; they gave intelligence to Iraq's artillery and air force. A number of such units were identified and exterminated.
MKO started serving as the fifth column for Saddam Hussein when it was in urgent need for weapons, equipments and money. Rajavi, the head of MKO, said to Saddam that "we were first in war fronts and fought against you"; however inside the organization he put it this way: "While in war fronts, Mojahedin had a particular goal and since they knew that regime will not give any share to them, Mojahedin were self-containing" (he means that they were gathering weapons and making intelligence contact with Saddam to insurance the future). This was the first time the MKO felt it needed the support of a foreign country to continue armed strategy; when the MKO experienced the good taste of free weapons and financial support accepted it as a rational strategy. Regarding the acceptance of being mercenary and unreal justifications given for it, Mojahedin crossed the red lines and there were no longer any obstacles; therefore, the MKO's leadership entered a project as follows: - several sophisticated MKO units were trained by Iraq's Estekhbarat (former secret service) and were deployed to Iran; they gave intelligence to Iraq's artillery and air force. A number of such units were identified and destroyed, including: a. In Kermanshah, MKO spies had given information on a shelter in Park-e Shirin to Iraqis and had corrected their information while Iraqis bombed the area. This led to the killing of many innocent people. People identified MKO spies and arrested them. b. In Ilam province, Rajavi's spies gave information on a radio transmitter to Iraqi air force. They were arrested. c. Some units of MKO were taking films from Iran war fronts to send for Iraqis. They were arrested at the scene and admitted to their purpose. d. Mojahedin members established contacts with tribal people living across the border and used their livestock to send intelligence to Iraqi army. In this regard, a number of their teams were identified and arrested in Dehloran, Dasht-e Abbas and South. e. Several MKO teams working in Dehloran, Saleh Abad, and Kurdistan borders under the supervision of Iraqi intelligence service captured military personnel and even civilians; in most of the cases, they killed the people and asked for money. f. Mojahedin had fixed stations beside Iraqi headquarters and a team of intelligence officers of MKO were interrogating Iranian prisoners. In this regard, many of MKO members who had criticized the MKO for this issue were later tried by MKO leaders.

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