The problem with the comments of Mr. Tanter lies within the fact that he lags 25 years behind the current situation in Iran and that he speaks against the historical realities.
Raymond Tanter, arms dealer and a supporter of contras who's now trying to sell the MKO to the Israeli regime, has expressed amazing comments on Iran and the MKO; the comments that prove that Tanter is trying to sell the MKO to either the US or Israel. The issue is who pays the higher price. For instance, he has said that "We believe that the moment the organization is able to operate from Iraq it will gain public favor in Iran". It seems that Tanter thinks the MKO has arrived in Iraq just yesterday that it would gain public favor (in the case of being allowed to operate)! Or, he may think that the MKO has been doing nothing in Iraq for the past 25 years! More interesting is that Tanter is going to take advantage of the MKO in his election campaigns in the favor of Neoconservatives and warmongers. Although the MKO has tried to influence the elections in the US in the past (in the favor of potential supporters of MKO), this time they are going to serve the warmongers in all aspects. Tanter, who earlier in an interview with Australia's SBS TV channel announced his intentions to use the MKO for the purposes of warmongers, now tries to sell the MKO in the election campaigns. Tanter tries to pretend that Iran's pursuing nuclear weapons programs and that the US should attack Iran to stop the process. He says that only Neocons will be able to do this, so people should vote in favor of them. Meanwhile, the Americans have turned their backs to the warmongering policies of Bush and it's predicted that there would be a big blow to republicans in the congress. On the other hand, by betting on a dead horse, Tanter tries to get the highest price while stupidly talking about a civil war in Iran by the MKO! With this, he may be able to buy more votes for warmongers. The problem with the comments of Mr. Tanter lies within the fact that he lags 25 years behind the current situation in Iran and that he speaks against the historical realities.

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