Many of these people and groups who are well aware of lack of popularity talk of the necessity of unity among forces who seek overthrow. Meanwhile, MKO is totally dependent on the western countries particularly the US in order to get something.
In response to repetition of slogans on "unity" by Rajavi, Didgah website expressed ideas which received some reactions. These reactions show that the gang of Rajavi is not accepted even among opposition groups. Ali Nazer, director of Didgah website, childishly insists that the unity among opposition groups is an important issue for the MKO. "Why the MKO doesn't call for unity? Is it harder than getting the support of a British or American representative?" he asks. According to the self-conceit of MKO, he asks them: "Isn't it true that Massoud Rajavi, in his first message, addressed all those who share the same ideas on Republic, Democracy and the rule of Iranians? Isn't it true that Mojahedin believe that Massoud Rajavi is their ideological leader? Then, why his particular request has not been answered? Why all MKO members and supporters, who are ready to give their lives for Massoud and Maryam even by self-immolation, have remained silence on this request? Why the MKO allowed the failure of "National Unity Project"? Some people ask what if an organization or a political group doesn't want to unite. I say, "Some senators didn't want to support the MKO at first. It was the efforts of the MKO that led to their support for the group. The only major and positive difference is that in National Unity Project, Mojahedin don’t want and need not to expect others to support them but they want others to unite and form a common platform and front. In this front, no one necessarily supports nobody, but they make alliance to overthrow the enemy." Ali Nazer intentionally deceives himself and ignores the fact that Iranian now know all MKO's lies and that the MKO can only deceive those who are not familiar with Iran's issues; those who don’t know the terrorist nature of the group well and support the group only for their own interests. Then, Nazer turns to Mehdi Abrishamchi and addresses him as follows: "I write this letter to you the chief of NCRI's Peace Commission as an Iranian who has never had an organizational contact with the NCRI. Peace is not necessarily always made with an enemy; sometimes you have to make peace with a friend. Maybe it's time for NCRI to initiate efforts for forming a commission (reconciliation commission, for instance) out of the NCRI, in which opponents, critics, and sympathizers can get together in order to form a broader front. There's no doubt that the formation of such a commission will be very difficult since it's really hard to forget all differences of these past 27 years. This needs sacrifice and patience. If we can't form such a commission today, how will be able to sit beside each other in future's parliament? How do you- who promise of a "democratic alternative"- want to solve the deep problems of forces, groups and individuals?" Then, Nazer offers a list of people who can be invited to such commission by the MKO. He names people like Sadr Haj Seyed Javadi, Lahiji and others who left out the organization several years ago and now know the undemocratic nature of the group very well. One of the people named by Nazer is Taghi Roozbeh who responds to this suggestion as follows: "Overthrowing the regime for the sake of a democratic change requires a proportionate arrangement. Believing in overthrowing the regime is only a criterion gathering around which and ignoring other democratic facts means recreation of this hell we're living in. This should be done in a way where there's no place for dictators and other new administrators, such as Mojahedin and Imperialism who want to take advantage of public dissatisfaction and …finally, I should say that apart from above guidelines, all my familiarity with this group and its leaders, my experiences with them in prisons, during the revolution and their presence in Iraq and their ties with imperialist powers convince me not to cooperate with these people." Many of these people and groups who are well aware of lack of popularity talk of the necessity of unity among forces who seek overthrow. Meanwhile, MKO is totally dependent on the western countries particularly the US in order to get something.

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