Al-Qaeda has been connected to MKO by Baathists; they have told the MKO that they would be allowed to stay and enjoy Al-Qaeda's support if they cover Al-Qaeda's activities and policies by media.
Immediately after the explosion in Asgari shrine in Samerra, the gang of Rajavi pointed the finger of accusation towards Iran and Maryam Rajavi claimed officially that the explosion was conducted by Iran! There are better options to be accused of this crime, such as Zionists with their hostility against Islam, Alqaeda with its brutal attacks against Shiites and Wahabi's Fatwas that allow the killing of Shiites, and even Americans with their plots to justify the continuation of war and occupation in Iraq; but why the MKO names Iran instantly? This question's answer should be sough in Qaeda-MKO ties. Reports indicate that Al-Qaeda has established "Iraq's Islamic Government" in Diyala province and that Iraqi government has no control there except a few police stations; this means that Al-Qaeda has practically cut Baghdad's connection with the north by settling in Diyala. Meanwhile, Qaeda tries to get to its goals in that province by the most brutal methods. In this regards, it's been reported that Al-Qaeda has been connected to MKO by Baathists; they have told the MKO that they would be allowed to stay and enjoy Al-Qaeda's support if they cover Al-Qaeda's activities and policies by media. The gang of Rajavi, which tries to link each and every event to Iran, has welcomed this suggestion; the group is now making news according to the policies of Al-Qaeda, the example of which was recent allegations against Iran. It should be noted that terrorist act in Samerra was aimed at creating civil war in Iraq and it was decided after it was announced that Iran-US held talks and announced that they had common requests in the country. Al-Qaeda and MKO both believe that Iran-US talks would damage them and benefit Maliki's government; therefore, they try to stop this process. Meanwhile, Iraqi government also has devised solid plans to get back the control of Diyala, which includes surrounding them from north and south. In this regard, media revealed that Iraqi government and coalition forces have asked the commanders of Peshmerge forces in Kurdistan to deploy 2000 forces to Diyala. These forces would settle in Khaneqin, Jelula, Mandali, Sa'dieh, Jabbareh and other Kurdish regions in the province.* ----------------------------------- * Al-Zaman Newspaper

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