Unity of action between Monarchists and Mojahedin is a new formula posed by a number of MKO and Monarchists supporters (including Bob Filner, Daniel Zucker, Raymond Tanter and Michael Ledeen) who have been involved in Iran's issues for years under the supervision of Zionist lobbies and Israeli experts.
The U.S. lost the hope of finding a good alternative for Islamic Republic and therefore, it has resorted to yellow, orange and other revolutions; by promoting different kinds of music styles, ecstasy in night parties, as well as launching TV and radio stations, the U.S. is trying to create another kind of revolution. Meanwhile, it is paying no attention to the promises and claims of Leftists, Right groups, monarchists, republicans, armed groups, and …. However, some groups and lobbies feel that more should be done against Iran. They have tried different methods and still try to impose their ideas and solutions on Americans. D'Amato law, Michael Ledeen's proposal to divide Iran or Cheney's military plan are of tens of programs and projects that, if accepted, could bring hundreds of millions of dollars to the planners. Although opposition forces have always been considered part of projects, there are people who insist on using the oppositions only for their own benefits. Iranian oppositions are too desperate to be worthy of thinking; however, US's security and political actors challenge these groups with a question: why these opposition groups are not united? These scattering opposition groups make it really difficult for imperialism to find and support an alternative. The fact is that there are only two sects, having enough budgets to get certain supporters and believing that only US's support for them could help them get to power. These two sects are monarchists and Mojahedin-e khalq. A perfect war has started between these two on winning the support of Americans. This fight is called "The Battle of Alternatives" . Americans announced a few years ago that in order to get support, these two Iranian oppositions should unite democratically. However, making decision on this was more than a political decision for these two groups. In fact, accepting this unity would mean that Monarchists had to provide financial and material support for the MKO. On the other hand, it would discredit MKO as an organization with military power. The issue has been discussed for years and each side gives different documents to refuse this unity. Of course, the MKO has already taken some measures (including Solidarity Front or the Unity of all Opposition Groups) in order to taken more radical parties into MKO's camp under the name of National Council of Resistance; with this, MKO could claim that Monarchists have accepted Rajavi's hegemony and on the other hand separate such people from Monarchists. This tactic has been futile. It seems that current MKO's critical situation has forced the MKO to accept conditions posed by their masters. Unity of action between Monarchists and Mojahedin is a new formula posed by a number of MKO and Monarchists supporters (including Bob Filner, Daniel Zucker, Raymond Tanter and Michael Ledeen) who have been involved in Iran's issues for years under the supervision of Zionist lobbies and Israeli experts. As an author, with ties to MKO, says "the unity of action between these two groups gives power to the ones who have military force and are ready to fight." Experts believe that these two groups- with same analysis of Iran's situation (regime should be toppled, there should be no reliance on internal groups, the US should support opposition, Iran should be sanctioned in a broader sense, military ideas against Iran should be boosted) must show their unity and consensus in a new framework in order to win the support of Neocons in the White House. Participation of Hassan Dayi in VOA's roundtable - with MKO's plan for its supporters and members to call the program and insult Hoshang Amir Ahmadi - was done in the framework of initial steps towards this unity. MKO's complains about Radio Farda and VOA's programs and its proposals on new programs against Iran have been part of this project. There are more on the issue, which will be said later. However, it should be said that the plan for unity is already failed and it shows MKO's desperation and Monarchists superiority. This project is failed because according to most of American experts, these two groups don't have realistic analysis of Iranian society and their sectarian stances couldn't reflect the realities of Iran. The project also reflects MKO's failure because there's no sign of the group in the plan. The plan requires that the crimes of the groups remain untold and that a common request be transferred to Americans; in the case of turning to reality, it would be as the death of a totalitarian group, which is based on the charisma of its leader.

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