She claims that "Camp Ashraf and its residents" are "the center of gravity for the aspiration of the Iranian people" (!!!) while, the majority of members imprisoned in Ashraf are thinking of a plan to escape ....

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In order to get relieved of the pressure imposed on the Mujahedin Khalq Organization; because of its being listed as a terrorist group by the US and the Iraqi determination to shutdown their base camp Ashraf in Iraq, these days Maryam Rajavi is talking nonsense, particularly in her recent interview with the Swiss Television, TSR she continues to repeat her previous delirious words.
Misusing the recent atmosphere ruling the Middle East, she presents herself as the representative of the Iranian people!!! Introducing her cult as the alternative of the Islamic Republic, she speaks of certainty of Iranian spring!
However, it's been widely broadcasted that camp Ashraf will be soon shutdown by the Iraqi government based on its legal decision and all repetitive claim by Maryam Rajavi about Iranian spring is a resort to deviate the public opinion from the case of MKO left on the table.
She claims that "Camp Ashraf and its residents" are " the center of gravity for the aspiration of the Iranian people"(!!!) while, the majority of members imprisoned in Ashraf are thinking of a plan to escape ,according to the reports and revelations made by recently defected members.
Also, international bodies and Iraqi government are trying to find a solution to help remove camp Ashraf from Iraqi territory. Thus the MKO's entire activities focus on this issue.
A large part of her interview was about the debate on the terrorist designation of the MKO and the shutdown of Camp Ashraf. So, how can Camp Ashraf - a container of 3000 terrorist designated people - be "the center of gravity for the aspirations of the Iranian people"?!!
The leaders of the cult of Rajavi who were armed by Saddam Hussein, fought for him for years and killed Iraqis and their own Iranian country-men, used to consider Camp Ashraf the strategic center of struggle for the world.
Today, the MKO leader--disarmed, humiliated and in decline - claims that Ashraf is "the center of hope, strength and perseverance for the Iranian people and also the people of Middle East."(!!!)
In fact, Maryam Rajavi speaks of Iranian spring while 3000 hostages of the organization are held under the mind control system by herself and her disappeared husband.
The majority of these people suffer various mental and physical diseases. Some of them committed suicide to release themselves from such pressure imposed by the cult system. The rest are waiting for a way out of this long winter dominating Camp Ashraf in order that they can start a new life.

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