We would like also to mention that all cults need an isolated place with high walls to carry out and implement the brainwashing technique on their members, the Ashraf castle in Iraq and Auvers sur Oise castle in France have provided for such purpose for pmoi terrorist cult.

Ghalam Association
It is completely understandable from the current pmoi propaganda (people's Mujahedin Organization) in their Media which this cult is trying its best to transfer and convey its activities from Iraq to the French soil, especially after their strategic failure and impasse in Iraq, now they have targeted the Mayors from different cities in Paris and Val d'Oise province as well as some of the former representatives and members of French parliament by their propaganda.

The members of Iran - Ghalam Association who had been the members of pmoi for a long period of time and fortunately they have succeeded to rescue themselves from the cultic subjective and physical barriers and obstacles and they are currently living in Europe countries such as France, would like to inform the honorable French politicians and warn them about the connection which this cult (Rajavi cult) wants to have with them.

If the French politicians do not pay enough attention to the vital experiences which these former members of pmoi have about the pmoi threats, allure and propaganda, it does not take long that the same current problem which is about dealing with the presence of this terrorist cult on Iraq soil, will happen on French soil and its politicians as well. For this reason we are urging all French politicians, the former representatives of French parliament and the deans of the French universities to listen to our compassionate warnings and pay enough attention to them.

As you know, after the fall of Saddam Hussein, the former dictator of Iraq, some of the terrorist cults and sects which had regional and universal activities, lost their supporter and their sponsor, one of those cults is pmoi( People's Mujahedin Organization ).

Pmoi did not have any tolerance to listen to any dissents and criticisms which the dissidents and critics had in their relations in pmoi, and for that reason they were sent to prison to show others a lesson that any objection and criticism against the pmoi leadership will end up in prison.

There are many people who tolerated the harsh tortures and long incarcerations in the prisons of Mr and Mrs Rajavi and beyond that the leader of National Council of resistance (NCR), the pmoi political wing based in France, has approved and authorized killing and assassination of the dissidents and critics as well.

We would like to pose some questions to the French politicians and the people who have been targeted unilaterally by the pmoi propaganda;

1. Why are the compulsory divorce, marriage and family ban in pmoi?

2. Why up to now the leaders of pmoi such as Mrs. Maryam Rajavi who is currently living in Auvers Sur Oise, Paris outskirts, have not mentioned anything about the outcome of their strategy of violence and war which terrorized and killed thousands of Iranians?

3. Why are the members of this cult forced to participate every night in the sessions which is called current mission( Amaliyateh Jari)and they have to reveal their thoughts , imaginations , even their dreams about the opposite sex in those sessions to be ridiculed , insulted , slandered, blamed and punished ?

4. Why in those brainwashing sessions which are the most unethical tactics to put psychological pressure on members to force them to obey and surrender themselves to any illogical demands?

We would like also to mention that all cults need an isolated place with high walls to carry out and implement the brainwashing technique on their members, the Ashraf castle in Iraq and Auvers sur Oise castle in France have provided for such purpose for pmoi terrorist cult.

At the end we would like all the French politicians, the former representatives and members of French parliament and the deans of the French universities, according to the pmoi regional and universal threats to pay enough attention to the vital points and facts which mentioned above.

Iran Ghalam Association

-The mayors of France
- The representatives and members of the French parliament
- The deans of Paris universities
-The French presidential office

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