Some Arab news sources report that the MKO plans to carry out a series of bombings at the holy shrines in Samarra in an attempt to fan the flames of a sectarian war and mislead the public opinion in Iraq from the issue of MKO expulsion and closure of Camp Ashraf.

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Efforts by the Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to put things in order and restore stability to the war-torn country which had reached an important and fateful stage with the emphasis on withdrawal of the US military have now entered a sensitive and tense stage with the Baghdad government's intention to expel the arms of the West's terrorist operations.

the Iraqi Shia government in addition to issuing an arrest warrant for Deputy Prime Minister Tariq al-Hashimi, a politician close to Saudi Arabia, on charges of planning terrorist operations in Iraq, has also a serious plan on agenda to expel the terrorist members of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (KMO), another arm of US terrorist operations inside Iraq and close down their Camp Ashraf.

This is while certain currents close to the West by planning a series of extensive terrorist operations in Iraq are seeking to wage a sectarian war in the country. The first blasts in this line occurred in Baghdad last Thursday in which at least 250 people died.

In related news, some Arab news sources report that the MKO plans to carry out a series of bombings at the holy shrines in Samarra in an attempt to fan the flames of a sectarian war and mislead the public opinion in Iraq from the issue of MKO expulsion and closure of Camp Ashraf.

In the meantime, Maryam Rajavi, leader of the MKO hypocrites issued a statement last week giving in to the closure of Camp Ashraf and transfer of the few remaining forces there. Sources close to the MKO have announced that the terrorist group helped by terrorists close to al-Hashimi and a spectrum of al-Iraqiya movement has a special plan to carry out bombings at holy shrines to distract the public opinion and prevent expulsion of the MKO from Camp Ashraf.

Meantime, the MKO leaders at Camp Ashraf have told their advocates that the Maliki government would collapse soon and replaced by Ayyad Alawi and al-Iraqiya spectrum who have good relations with the MKO.

Hassan Tawaliba, an activist close to the MKO who under the cover of support for human rights defends the Ashraf based Mujahedin, has published an article in al-Liwaa newspaper in which he tries to pave the media ground for an important bombing the group apparently intends to carry out in Samarra in the coming days. The pro-MKO writer has tried to already put the blame of the terrorist operation on Iran and thus ignite a widespread religious sedition in Iraq.

The writer who calls himself the head of the media delegation supporting Ashraf, has claimed that a group of 50-60 forces affiliated to the Qods Army and commanded by Abu Hassan al-Rakabi from Zubair city plans to bomb Samarra and stir up a sectarian war.

He has also made a statement against Iranian Qods Army Commander Qasem Suleimni and voiced concern about expulsion of MKO forces from Camp Ashraf.

This claim comes at a time that the Western media have pointed their fingers at al-Qaeda for Thursday's blasts against Shiite targets and warned against outbreak of ethnic clashes in Iraq.

In its analysis of the Baghdad blasts, the CNN tried to underline the possibility of sectarian clashes in Iraq. It said the deadly explosions had raised concern that the gap caused by the US military pullback from Iraq would pave the way for a power struggle between Sunni militants with links to al-Qaeda and Iran-backed Shia militias.

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