MKO escapes interview or open debate with other media, opposition or anybody that aims to challenge the organization and question its legitimacy. That is because any interview or debate raises another problem frequently encountered in considering its legitimacy.

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Unethical manner of MKO characterizes it as an utter disgrace to media warfare.


No doubt, of the most complex phenomenon in the modern world is manipulation of the media by terrorist groups because of serious inconsistency in word and action. Many of them manipulate a widespread network of the media and the sophisticated communication technology to dispense illusory senses of peace and freedom defined from their own point of view.


Of course the ones developing a realistic understanding that any type of violent struggle is doomed to failure and have preferred a pro-democratic tactic of contention have mainly drawn their battle into the mass media and often participate in debates allowing the public to decide.


In contrast, those in a pro-democratic disguise with the very same non-democratic infrastructures, based on their natural potentiality, misuse the media and modern means for censure, persuasion, distortion, brainwashing and mind-control activities against their insiders and sympathizers.


A group's fitness to lead an opposition against any state is under question when it lacks the needed public legitimacy or fails to keep its close contact with the people for whom it claims to be on the rise. The most appropriate means in the today's world is the media which turns into a problem itself when monopolized by a ruling government.


Once Mojahedin Khalq Organization MKO/MEK, a group blacklisted on the State Department as FTO, claimed that the government-controlled media in Iran deprived it of dissemination of its political views. It still accuses Iranian government of censuring the group in domestic media and disallowing a just analysis and justification of its legitimacy that stems from political and religious boundary delineation.


It is nothing more than a fallacious claim since MKO has always had access to a rich, broad variety of private and non-private run media of its own. But the existing major problem is that the group never believes in dialogue but monologue.


Since conducting its antagonistic struggle under a pro-democratic disguise in European countries, MKO has heavily invested on the crucial role of the media to spread its play in the formation of public opinion and thought through talking in monologue.


MKO has its own private media that broadcasts its own words and views on a variety of political, regional, religious and any intended objectives. Any focused debate is aimed to contribute to the corroboration of already advertised views. Of course, it does not mean that it has entirely cut interaction with other media but it is of a manipulative nature.


When it plots MKO draw public attention to a particular event, draw supports, advertise certain stances congruent with its line of struggle and, in general, any venture to demonize its adversaries it falls in the context of taking advantage of the outside media.


But one thing is for certain that MKO escapes interview or open debate with other media, opposition or anybody that aims to challenge the organization and question its legitimacy. That is because any interview or debate raises another problem frequently encountered in considering its legitimacy.


Thus, exploited beyond their main purpose, the outside media are practically secondary instruments to fulfill MKO's ambitions. Besides their utilization to augment psychological warfare and propaganda blitz, these media are turned into the means of diffusing ideological teachings directly and indirectly.


Accuracy of news and reports released by MKO media is under question for those acquainted with MKO's hypocrisy as it is skilled at seizing and creating opportunities to mislead the media and the public opinion.


Concerning the created stalemate in Iraq for instance, one of its most effective tools to impress the public opinion is the systematic creation of hardship and suffering for the relocated insiders and making a martyr of them. Everyday problems and shortages of living in a temporary camp become serious and unsolvable problems of mankind needing a universal, unanimous decisiveness to solve.


While intentionally creating or precipitating a false crisis of food, water and medicine for the insiders, it then shifts the blame for the suffering of them from its own cultic and inhuman policies to the Iraqi Government that is doing its best, under the auspices of the UN representatives, for the reasonable and adequate wellbeing of the insiders.


As recently, MKO blames by the Iraqi government for deaths of Ashraf and Liberty residents and directly relates them to lack of access to timely and effective medical treatment.


No more explanation is provided, but those reading between the lines of this news released by MKO well recognize that they are needed victims to feed the group's propaganda machine for any purpose but human. Besides, unethical manner of calumniating any opponent in the context of propaganda warfare characterizes MKO as an utter disgrace to media.

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