Giving asylum to the individuals, who have been the source of terrorism and always have been proud of that, is inconsistent with the definition of asylum and of course the UNHCR or other institutions and countries do not have the right to grant asylum for them.

The Rah-Nama Monthly
What follows is part of an interview of The Rah-Nama Monthly (the specialized journal of terrorism studies in Iran) with Dr. Mir Mohammad Sadeghi, faculty at Shahid Beheshti university and former Speaker of the Iranian Judiciary. In this interview, terrorism and its current status are discussed; also legal strategies against the terrorist activities of the Mujahedeen-e Khalq, an anti- Iranian - terrorist group (aka the MeK) are reviewed.

Rah-Nam: Recently, after the Iraqi government's decision to deport the MeK, the UNHCR has recognized members of this terrorist group as asylum seekers and seeks to grant asylum for them in other countries, is this action legally correct?

Dr. Mir Mohammad Sadeghi: Concerning the refugee issue, many countries stress that any individual with a history of terrorist act should not be given asylum. Even the individuals who apply for visa from a country must not have a criminal record, let alone having terrorist record.

Anyone who has visited even once to an embassy for visa application, especially for an European country, knows that one of the questions in the questionnaire is that whether they have criminal record and criminal conviction, or not. Further, he would be asked if he has membership record in various organizations and especially terrorist organizations.

Asylum is based on humanitarian goals; if someone has carried out terrorist operations and never has expressed regrets and, according to documents, has also been honored of this type of operation, he is not entitled to be included of asylum rules.

As a result, international organizations and especially the United Nations, which is established by government money to maintain international peace and security, have no right to spend budget on granting asylum to those who have committed the greatest violations of international peace and security.

Today, despite of ambiguity in the definition of terrorism, instances of terrorism have become very clear. There is no country that does not consider street bombing, killing innocent people, and even acts of violence, such as assassinating state officials, as terrorism.

Essentially, asylum means that you take people who are under oppression or their country is at war and they cannot live there under your wings. But giving asylum to the individuals, who have been the source of terrorism and always have been proud of that, is inconsistent with the definition of asylum and of course the UNHCR or other institutions and countries do not have the right to grant asylum for them.

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