In Washington D.C. the MEK cosy up to the neoconservatives, Israeli lobby and regime change pundits to press for military strikes and war against Iran. Conversely, in Europe and the Persian Gulf States the MEK instead claim that the sanctions are working and that they should be given a chance to work further.

If you're a terrorist on behalf of Israel, as MEK is, then you're kosher as far as Dershowitz is concerned. And your money is golden. If you're a terrorist on behalf of Iran, as Hezbollah and Hamas allegedly are, then you're the font of evil. I have no brief for either of these groups, nor do I for MEK.

As the name of the new location denotes, Temporary Transit Location TTL, it is a temporary facility to facilitate the process of residents' departure to third countries. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees UNHCR has announced that it will immediately start the process of verification and refugee status determinations....

Members who want to separate from the cult will be facing harsh and cruel punishments such as forcible participation in brainwashing sessions which in these sessions they will be beaten up and in continuation they will be facing imprisonment accompanied by inhuman tortures and in some cases even the dissidents got executed and disappeared.

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British journalist Lindsey Hilsum was hit by members of the Iranian opposition group known as Mujahedin e Khalq (MEK) living in a “fortified camp” nearby-Durres’ Manez village, on which she’d...

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The lawman gone bad isn’t making a legal case. He’s trying to get the mob to destroy the law on behalf of his client.

It’s Not Just Bolton and Giuliani: Trump Team’s Links to Iran ‘Cult’ Run Deep

Federal documents show MEK met with top Trump officials in addition to National Security Adviser John Bolton and Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, seen here honoring slain MEK members at a...

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President Trump’s belligerent, all-caps tweet about Iran this past weekend is hardly a natural response to anything the Iranians have been saying or doing lately. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani did...

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