Today, the IS and other extremist groups should be watched and destroyed but groups like the MKO seems to be more threatening because they freely have bases in Europe with hundreds of brainwashed slaves who are ready to scarify themselves for their leaders despite the group's propaganda for human rights and democracy.

In a world where ultra-Wahhabi terror groups have become a security nightmare across continents, Iran is as indispensable an ally as the USSR was against Hitler. Had some of today's leaders been in office during the 1940s, the US and the UK would have refused to give Moscow the material which enabled the Russian people to overcome the Nazis. These days, it is the Iranian formations that are proving the most deadly against ISIS in the field.

When the Washington Times recently wrote an article on them, the experts that the Times approached were unwilling to speak on the record. One told them that "it was unthinkable to speak openly against the NCRI because doing so would result in ‘death threats from this group.'"

There are signs that Massoud Rajavi is beginning to panic about losing control of the residents of Camp Liberty. Plans made by the UN to remove these former MEK members from Iraq are accelerating, with 233 residents recently transferred to Albania despite Rajavi's attempts to prevent the move. Shortly after this, Rajavi threatened to kill anyone who speaks publicly about what goes on inside the camp.

French politics nowadays are profoundly schizophrenic: on one hand France (as the U.S.) officially condemns the destabilization of a State by a terrorist organization, while on the other hand, the Élysée participates alongside the U.S. in the secret war in the Middle East and details Foreign Legion officers to oversee the ISIL in Syria and Iraq.

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